Vincent Fierens gathers comments on the red carpet of the Golden Shoe

d3f72b3b1a2c1975c945e591e35db4e7 - Vincent Fierens gathers comments on the red carpet of the Golden Shoe

While Ruud Shaper is preparing for the handover of the Golden Shoe, also attract the awarduitreikers their finest suit on for the football event of the year. Thus, a three-time winner Wilfried Van Moer and two-time winner Michel Preud’homme prize to the Promise of the Year. Roberto Martinez is the perfect man to after a successful 2018, the Coach of the Year. The Swede Pär Zetterberg, who has a real record of achievements has built, including two times the prestigious Golden Shoe-profit, is also of the party. Red Devil Dries Mertens flies specially for the gala to Belgium. Who the other awarduitreikers, you will discover tonight during the live broadcast at 21.15 at VTM, where the presentation of the Golden Shoe, the voetbaltrofee of The Latest News, from the first row can see.

On the red carpet, guests receive a warm welcome from soccer and Qmusic-dj Vincent Fierens. The football world is’t strange to him, so sent Qmusic him this summer at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia to report for the people back home. Tonight, he can keep that momentum continue and gathers on the red carpet of the Golden Shoe of the first responses. Vincent and the well-known guests on the red carpet are to follow from 18.45 to 19.30 via livestreams on,, on the facebook page of VTM and VTM NEWS.

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