Verhofstadt: ‘High time that the British say where she is, before his’

4a59f48cba9a52cba90809c80d3bbaf9 - Verhofstadt: ‘High time that the British say where she is, before his’

Guy Verhofstadt, the liberal leader in the European Parliament and of Brexit-negotiator, reacts to the rejection of the Brexit agreement by the British parliament.

‘Tonight, We have of the British Parliament heard where a majority against is. Just as we have the past two years, the British government only have heard what they are against: against EU membership, against membership of the single market, against the customs union, against the Irish Backstop. It is now high time that Westminster says where they before are, where they are a majority around can build”, said Verhofstadt in a response to The Standard.

‘To do that every British party – both in government and in opposition – from its trenches and the British national interest first and foremost.’

‘No-deal is disastrous’

‘From the European side, we have always been ready and willing to talk about a closer future relationship of the problematic Irish backstop unnecessary. A no-deal would be disastrous for both sides of the channel and must therefore at all prices have to be avoided.’

‘Had it come to that, the European Parliament will her British colleagues in the House of Commons directly grasp to the rights of the citizens to hold harmless such as them into the current Withdrawal Agreement contained. Citizens are not allowed to be a victim of this Brexit-disorder.’

‘What we are not willing, to this article 50 procedure to extend until after the date of the European elections in May this year. The last thing we want is the British disorder introduction into the European political, decision).

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