‘Unfaithful’ friend of Dua Lipa allows himself to purify by guru

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Recently enjoyed Dua Lipa with her friend Isaac Carew a regenerating holiday in India. It now appears that her boyfriend is unfaithful ones, and he himself has to submit to a ritual of his overspeligheid get.

The 23-year-old popular singer Dua Lipa is since 2015, along with Isaac Carew. After a pause of a few months in the beginning of last year they seem to be back happier than ever.

Still, the rumors for a while, the round that Isaac, a well-known chef and model, the flowers, out put it behind her back, so people knew her friends earlier to tell. “He’s just a vrouwenzot. Every time, when Dua was out of the country for her world tour, he was arranged with another in bed. Really, he did it even with a niece of Dua, you can imagine that! Just to say what an unreliable guy he is!”, we read in the TV Family.

Still, the London-born singer with Albanian roots the adulterous behavior of Isaac by the fingers. “Yes, he has his faults. But still, I love him. Isaac has his love proven to me. This he did during a recent trip to India. He has a great sacrifice”, let them know.

There wanted to be the singer of world hits such as ‘Be the One’ and ‘New rules’ will not further dwell on about this, but according to British journalists, you can that “sacrifice” be taken quite literally. “Dua and Isaac went to a temple and offered food to some of the hindu gods. They did that while they have a ceremony were where the soul of Isaac was cleansed”, it sounds.

In other words, Isaac was purified of his overspeligheid. They brought a visit to a well-known ‘liefdesfakir’, a man who is directly connected with Lakshmi, the hindoegodin of love. Especially Isaac was subjected to a purification rite. “With him was his urge to be unfaithful, taken away. His soul was purified, so that his heart is still only for Dua would be right,” said some well-informed sources.

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