This 80-year-olds experience together with Sieg and Olga the journey of their lives

03701afcf645f0eb786edc572ba6fe9b - This 80-year-olds experience together with Sieg and Olga the journey of their lives

Two young twenty-somethings to pull from Thursday 31 January 2019 the world around with a group of slightly less young, 80-year-olds, who in their lives do not or have hardly traveled. With Sieg De Doncker and Olga Leyers as compagnons de route, let the new-fangled world travelers carry to a couple of dream destinations. An unforgettable roadtrip with the story of the senior citizens as a red thread.

Eight 80-year-olds, piece by piece, still young of spirit and legs, making himself ready for the journey of their lives. This roguish gang draws in the coming weeks from one breathtaking destination to another. As they fly from Dallas about Mexico to Iceland and they travel further to Dubai, South Africa, Bangkok, Mongolia, and Japan. All that for a adventure of 36 days, in 8 different countries across 4 continents, good for a myriad of memories.

These are the 80-year-olds (from left to right)

The 84-year-old Amanda from Chapels look back on a successful career as a fashion model. She is still a flirty lady who likes to have catered for the day and each day starts with morning exercises.

The 82-year-old farmer Aureel from Houthulst spent his life by his field. He had always been inspired by the equestrian and won there used to be different prices. Aureels interest in the rest of the world is great, but his knowledge is limited. He is so happy to surprise The World with 80-year-olds…
Mariette from Lokeren, within a few weeks 80. She loves to entertain and chat. A lot of chatting. A previous trip to Egypt with the fanclub of Jo Vally was no unexpected success, Mariette attracts most of all just yearly to her favorite campsite by the sea.

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