Theresa May survives vote of confidence in

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A day after the British parliament the Brexitakkoord massively wegstemde, the British prime minister, Theresa May Wednesday, there is a vote of confidence in survived. She now has until Monday to present a plan B to come up, and therefore wants to immediately together with the opposition.

After a long day of debate, the British house of Commons on the motion of censure which the opposition Tuesday had submitted after the Brexit-deal of May with an overwhelming majority was voted out of office.

The motion of censure was – as expected – voted out, albeit with a small margin. 306 mps voted for the motion, 325 voted against it. A difference of only 19 members of parliament.

Theresa May now has three working days to an alternative for her yesterday weggestemde Brexit deal to present to the representatives of the people. Time is running out so. May said after her narrow victory, therefore, that she immediately wants together with the opposition to put together an alternative agreement to figure out.

The opposition, however, appeared not to want that extended hand immediately to accept. “The premier must be our first to guarantee that there is no Brexit comes without agree’, responded to Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The Lib Ms ask the same. The Scottish SNP wants, then again in May to hear that a new referendum a possibility.

May need to consider its alternative plan on Monday all proposals in the British parliament.

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