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Survey: German companies have a Blockchain problems – Coin Hero

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Survey: German companies have a Blockchain problems

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Matthias Nemack –

Germany is certainly not a Blockchain-a pioneer. A recent Bitkom survey shows the discrepancy between opportunities-knowledge and application of the technology.

The Bitkom survey shows deviation from expectation and use

Although German speculators and investors, the situation in the case company, despite or because of the lack of regulation, more and more interest in digital currencies, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is Cash on the Dash to IOTA how interested parties can worldwide enthusiasm for crypto-currencies, are not comparable to the positive. The least according to a recent survey, the representative nature of the industry Association Bitcom in companies in Germany shows. There is a high expectation in terms of the Blockchain technology is. As far as experts recommend, the companies in this country, but for a long time.

Survey, companies recognize the Blockchain possibilities

A new survey out of a total of 1.004 companies with at least 50 employees, shows that The companies have understood the importance of the Blockchain will be in connection with the “Internet of things” on the one hand and artificial intelligence on the other. You know the options for the application of the Blockchain. In spite of this knowledge of the revolutionary opportunities of the technology when at least 15 percent of the survey participants for everyday applications, the commitment in many Parts missing so far. In the case of companies with at least 500 employees, the figure is at 36 percent.

Knowledge of the options available

Both for the economy and the society worldwide, said the target group sees a large potential for Change in the area of the Blockchain. As a comparison criterion, the companies see the Internet as such. Especially in the area of the German “Mittelstand” with its own projects. The Association does not see actually something of an obligation to make an entry in this field, in order not to lose the global connection. One out of ten companies in Germany in this sector is currently rather backward.

Companies know that they need to catch up with the world’s top

For 46 percent of the companies in the German economy takes so far, even the role of a “laggard” in international comparisons. Four out of ten companies located Germany, after all, in the global middle sector. As a member of the global leadership no one sees the German corporate landscape. So it’s high time, that here, finally, is not remedied so that Germany is lagging behind when it comes to the Blockchain.


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