So will the vote of confidence in today expired

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After the defeat of premier May yesterday follows today the vote of confidence in her government. What do the British expect?

Labour has with the support of other small opposition parties a vote of no confidence filed against the government-May. That has a number of consequences. The next twelve hours, the fate of Theresa May on the game.

Now what?

Around two hours this afternoon to start the debates in the parliament. Also Theresa May will speak again. To eight hours following the vote.

May has 318 votes necessary for its government rescue. If she wins – and that is the expectation – remains the government sitting. May will within 48 hours after the vote with a plan B for the Brexit. There are no rules about how long it should take for a new motion of censure may be submitted.

What happens at a loss?

If the government vote loses, begins a period of 14 days to walk in which all parties, a new government forms. The new government must have the confidence of the house of Commons.

If not, then there will be elections.

That chance seems to be not too large. The Conservatives have no meaning in elections, because they fear the power to Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour to to give.

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