Six French priests arrested for violence at children

013dab1a9c3f0b3688f08c6e7b8bb286 - Six French priests arrested for violence at children

Six priests from the traditional monastic community of Riaumont, in the north of France, on Wednesday in Lille, held in the framework of a research on physical violence on students of the boarding school. That is learned from a source in the investigation. The source clarifies, however, that it pertains to ‘non-violence’.

About the convent of Sainte-Croix de Riaumont was little known, until the beginning of may last year, stories emerged of large-scale studies of sexual violence and abuse. The police interrogated since 2013 already more than 200 witnesses and victims, for facts that took place in the 90’s and 2000. A former prioress of the monastery was indicted for possession of child pornography.

This community, which says to fight against anti-christian and anti-moral ideologies, also has a school devoted to teaching. The miss in the convent to happen in Latin. On the grounds of the monastery are also located the premises of a scoutsgroep.

This order depends on the pontifical commission Ecclesia Dei. That commission is trying some traditionalist catholics back under the care of the Church in Rome.

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