Sam De Bruyn launches The Follower with Theo Francken

Qmusic-dj Sam De Bruyn on Wednesday launched the first-ever walk to all recorded podcast of Flanders: The Follower. That Sam this podcast launches, it is not a coincidence. In 2018, he ran the legendary New York marathon, and he has the loopmicrobe a lot to tackle. Each week is Sam the hard route of a sportive well-known Flemish people. During the walk they talk about his/her sporty side, but also personal stories come to the fore. Former secretary of state for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken bites the striker.

Theo Francken runs three times a week in a circle at Brussels, for the parliament to attempt. Walking gives Theo Francken a look at his political, sporting and personal setbacks and victories. It is a candid podcast full of obstacles, literally and figuratively.

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