Rihanna drags father to court

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Everything revolves around the use of the name ‘Fenty’. Officially Rihanna through life as Robyn Rihanna Fenty. And now let just her father, Ronald Fenty, use this name for his own company, Fenty Entertainment. Even more, he would also have implied that Rihanna with her shoulders under the project, something which the singer strongly denies.

“Mr. Fenty and Mr. Perkins (his business partner) have lies spread in an attempt to get millions of dollars from third parties rijven with the false promise that they have the explicit approval of Rihanna had and/or that Rihanna at various locations around the globe would occur,” wrote Rihanna’s lawyer Carla Wirtschafter. “In Short, Mr. Fenty, Mr. Perkins and their business have absolutely never the permission to Rihanna’s name, its intellectual property or its ‘Fenty’ label to use, or to anything in her name.”

Rihanna had her father and his business partner several times already, let them know their practice to stop, but her question fell on deaf ears.

The star makes since 2012, use of the ‘Fenty’ label. In 2017, its range of cosmetics by Time magazine elected as one of the best inventions of the year.

Fenty Entertainment saw the light of day in april 2017 and hinting from the outset at Rihanna’s presence in the project. The complaint which they now submitted, has, inter alia, a breach of her privacy, abuse of trademark and false advertising. She asks, therefore, that the use of the Fenty label is prohibited, just as a ban on her name to abuse.

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