Rescue workers found her Spanish toddler in pit

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In Spain, the search for the 2-year-old boy that Sunday disappeared unabated. Rescue workers have hair of the child found in the deep pit where they will go to the preschool search.

The small Julen, the barely 2-year-old disappeared Sunday in Totalán in Málaga during a familieuitstap. There was immediately a rescue operation was set up. Thereby, different slopes investigated, but the rescue workers focused mainly on a well 110 feet deep and less than 25 inches wide, where the child according to his parents. In that hole was a bag of candy found that the child had when it was last seen.

But that was the only other traces of the boy were not found. A camera in the pit was left, and only showed that at 75 metres depth of earth piled up. Images of deeper could not be made. There was a man in power tried the child to locate and they also started a second well be dug to a great depth a passage to make it to the shank where the boy might be in. At the same time, from the top of the mountain where the pit is also a horizontal tunnel was dug.

That resulted in all still not much, until today, the rescue workers were able to report that they are ‘biological traces’ of the boy have found in the earth that they are already out of the pit, managed to get. Dna research has, according to Spanish media revealed that the hair of the boy. That would indicate that Yulen actually in the well so is.

Brother died

It is already the second time that the family tragedy was struck. In 2017 to be lost on the parents, their son Óliver a heart attack. The boy was barely three years old.

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