Rapper Soufiane Eddyani and convicted childhood friend like to press to speak

In Antwerp to give the popular rapper Soufiane Eddyani and its for tienerpooierschap convicted childhood friend Bilal A. tomorrow evening a press conference. That says, the lawyer of Bilal A. The press conference comes “in response to the recent media reports about Soufiane Eddyani and his song ‘Amigo’, as well as about the news about Bilal A.”, sounds. The two will make a statement and Eddyani will afterwards also be available for questions.

Eddyani is already a dozen days in the eye of a political and media storm because of his new song “Amigo” that has been dedicated to his childhood friend Bilal A., who himself rapping under the name “Moreno”. Among others, former secretary of state for Equal Opportunities, Zuhal Demir (N-VA) took a heavy to Eddyani because it is the number of the crimes for which Bilal A. was condemned, as tienerpooierschap, would justify. Also the role of the court was firmly put to the test, as Bilal A. on different gunstmaatregelen such as an ankle bracelet could continue to count even though the conditions therefor are not lived.

In a first reaction Eddyani know that “Amigo” indeed is dedicated to Moreno, but the content is not on its story is based. Eddyani also declared the actions of his childhood friend strongly condemn. The number would rather a message of support to Moreno on his reappearance in society after his punishment.

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