Pelosi sets Trump for the State of the Union address to set (or just write down)

8131ff83429142273919144afea417a2 - Pelosi sets Trump for the State of the Union address to set (or just write down)

A small two weeks, would the American president Donald Trump his State of the Union. Set that out, or write it down simply, so recommends, the Democratic chairwoman of the House to him.

The Democrate Nancy Pelosi, chairwoman of the U.s. House of Representatives, wants president Donald Trump his State of the Union, the annual speech of the head of state, due to the ongoing shutdown delays.

If the stalemate this week, not undone, she asks him – for security reasons – a new date for the speech to the Congress to seek.

As an alternative, it would Trump a written statement on the situation in the country can take.

Pelosi was referring in her letter to president Trump that the secret service and the ministry of Binnenlanse Safety for 26 days not be funded. It is these services that need to guarantee the security of the ceremony.

The White House has not yet responded to the comments from Pelosi.

With her comments Pelosi is not only clear to president Trump that the shutdown weighed on the American public. They clearly feel who the boss is in the House of Representatives.

The speech before both chambers of the Congress is scheduled on Tuesday 29 January. Since four weeks in the United States, parts of the public administration silent, because by the dispute due to the by Trump demanded limes wall, to Mexico still no agreement is reached on a budget law. Trump refuses to accept a document to sign that no money for the wall provides. The Democrats, on whose votes he has in Congress is appropriate, deny that.

The U.s. president traditionally holds at the beginning of the year a speech about the situation in the country. This goes back to article 2 of the U.s. constitution. George Washington led the delegates in 1790 personal report. Other presidents after him, saw it as an annoying duty, and spoke only in writing. Only Woodrow Wilson, founded in 1913, again personally, to the Congress.

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