One heat wave killed a third of vleermuissoort in Australia

79edd428e7398cf3789dbb427cb222eb - One heat wave killed a third of vleermuissoort in Australia

A heatwave in november last year a third of the ‘Pteropus conspicillatus, a type of bat in Australia, fatal. The animals were not resistant to the high temperatures to 42 degrees Celsius climbed. That report researchers from the Western Sydney University.

The researchers estimate that for sure 23.000 of these type of bats have died in two days time. That number may be even higher, because some populations have not been investigated. The scientists base the figures on the reports of volunteers who nests were counted. A total treasure to the government that 75,000 bats of this species were present in the country for the heat wave in november. ‘Something we have not yet experienced in Australia since the first settlements, ” says Dr Welbergen, chairman of the Australasian Bat Society, to the BBC.

Local residents of Cairns, saw the animals just fall from the tree. Rescue workers found the animals samengehokt, close to the ground or on branches.

These are bats, not necessarily worse, resistant to extreme temperatures than other types, but because these occur in more urban areas, falls to their death faster. Researchers fear that there is still massive deaths will follow.

New South Wales is groaning today under the heat. In the Botanic Park in Adelaide fell again bats out of the trees. The government recommends that the population, however, the animals do not help because they can bite and disease transfer.

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