Nearly 900 dead in ethnic violence in the Congo

60fd0bf5882d52d25b2bdc0e56784cb4 - Nearly 900 dead in ethnic violence in the Congo

In ethnic violence in north-west Congo would since mid-december at least 890 deaths, reports the mensenrechtenbureau of the United Nations Wednesday.

‘Between 16 and 18 december, according to reliable sources, at least 890 deaths in four villages in the province of Mai-Ndombe, in the town of Yumbi, and that by fighting between the Banunu and Batende, two ethnic groups’, report to the United Nations, in a press release.

The UN announced that an investigation has set up to the violence and widespread looting.

The ethnic violence crossed the head just before the presidential elections of the 30th of december. The government decided the elections in the area, which is widely seen as a stronghold of the opposition.

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