Industry cough billion euro against plastic waste

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Nearly thirty international companies, including many of those plastic produce, engage in an alliance in order to prevent any plastic waste in the environment ends up. Especially the waste streams in the direction of the sea and ocean, they want help to stop. The alliance is today, was solemnly launched.

They lay there a billion euro for this table. In five years there would be 1.5 billion investment to happen, which is a part of other partners will come.

The promised efforts focus primarily on countries where the massive amount of waste via the large rivers into the sea flows. Which are mainly in Africa and Asia. China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam apply as the problem countries.

The rivers flowing through densely populated areas where there is inadequate or no waste collection and processing occurs, with the result that all the piles in the water. With the general cleaning of the most polluted rivers wants the alliance to contribute. They will help to build an infrastructure to collect trash, manage, and recycle. New technology is large-scale apply. Finally, the companies will contribute to the formation of local overheidsmensen and communities. That will together with the milieuvleugel of the United Nations expired.

“Plastic does not belong in the environment,” said David Taylor, ceo of Procter & Gamble in a press release. “This global challenge requires action and leadership. The alliance is doing the most work so far on this plane.’ For this purpose, they cooperate with ngos and research institutions.

Under more chemiereus BASF, also active in Antwerp, was at the forefront of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

BASF-ceo Brudermuller, chairman of the Board of Directors and chief technology officer, leave in a communiqué noted that ‘plastic efficient materials are those that provide benefits for the society’. But these benefits will be in jeopardy ” if plastic waste is not a responsible way to be used, disposed of or recycled.’ He says that there is ‘a closed loop’.

The members of the alliance, you can find large companies as Covestro, Dow, DSM, ExxonMobil, Henkel, Shell, Suez, Total and Veolia.


Less plastic use and placing on the market, is not in the intentions of the alliance. That is the reason why the environmental organisations, the initiative on skepticism welcome. “It is interesting to note that the industry finally recognizes that there is a problem with plastic’, responds Recycling Network Benelux. “But unfortunately doing this initiative, there is nothing to the problem at the source. And that is the massive production of 400 million tonnes of plastic per year. If you have the waste problem want to solve, you should avoid even more plastic to produce.’ Recycling Network is the ngo behind the Statiegeldalliantie which local authorities, organisations and companies in Belgium and the Netherlands has brought to strive for a returnable deposit on plastic beverage containers.

Greenpeace called it ” an attempt by the industry to have everything at the old.’

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