“Hope that the UK can still come back on ill-fated Brexit’

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Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois cherishes after the ‘no’ to Brexit-deal hope that the ‘hapless’ Brexit’t continue. But the Flemish and the federal government is preparing for a quick departure.

Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) believes that a renewal of the negotiations and the postponement of the British departure from the European Union is the only way in the short term forms to avoid chaos.

According to Bourgeois, the rejection of the Brexit-deal in the British parliament for a further period of uncertainty for Flemish citizens and companies. The chance of a chaotic departure without the agreement and associated transition increases greatly, he says.

According to Bourgeois, is the only way in the short term to avoid chaos, the renewal of the term of article 50, at least until the European parliamentary elections. Article 50 explains the departure on march 29. The election took place on may 26.

“I repeat, and hope that the United Kingdom still may come back on the ill-fated Brexit, the Court of Justice confirmed recently this possibility,” said minister-president.

Charles Michel

Resigning prime minister, Charles Michel (MR) reacted very short. “The ball is, more than ever, in the camp of the British,’ says our premier. The federal government prepares for and takes concrete measures’ to be prepared for a possible British exit from the European Union, without agreement, according to Michel on Twitter. According to him, can be a Brexit without agreement, however, still be avoided.

Alexander De Croo

Finance Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) assured that the government is preparing for all possible scenarios. ‘Customs services switching coming days gear up for our Belgian companies are as good as possible, tweette he.


Also the federation of Belgian Companies (VBO / feb), regrets that the British House of Commons the Brexitakkoord has voted out of office and fears the consequences of a ‘no-deal scenario. “This should not automatically lead to a no-deal lead,” she said.

In order to put an end to the Brexitchaos and to limit the damage, continue according to the FEB but two valid options: May can extra time by buying a renewal and the second option is the whole Brexitsaga to turn back by one-sided the procedure to withdraw.


‘Everyone must now prepare for a chaotic Brexit’, responded to Voka, the Flemish network of enterprises. “Companies and governments must now urgently make every effort to prepare themselves for a chaotic no-deal scenario”, says Hans Maertens, managing director. That no-deal scenario implies that there will be customs and import duties should come.

‘The vote in the British house of Commons makes the confusion and uncertainty about the Brexit. There remains another 70 days in order to a settlement or another solution to come.’

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