Home: small Sandrine brain dead

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It was Wednesday, there is a particularly emotional episode of Home. The small Sandrine lag the past few weeks in the hospital after Lander, in an attempt to get the police to flee, Olivia kidnapped, and in the tumult Sandrine accidentally by Dieter was shot down. Everyone lived the past few weeks strong with the doctor Ann, and even Mayra came (last Monday) return from abroad to Sandrine. That is successful, but unfortunately, there was Wednesday evening’s bad news.
After Sandrine on Tuesday of a swelling in the brain was, it went in the episode from Wednesday further back with her. The doctors were Mayra and Ann know that she is not more can save: Sandrine is brain dead. Marianne is outside of phrases of grief. When they Dieter sees, scold him also the skin full.
It is now look forward to the episode of Thursday. What’s going on with Sandrine happen? Will the small Sandrine still be kept alive or take Ann and Mayra Thursday final farewell va the girl? Or is the investigation something present and has the doctor wrong?
The viewers fear that these new events indicate that Sandrine will soon die. The fact that the doctor already has on organ donation says according to some viewers more than enough. On the social media they Sandrine in, already see a lot of viewers prefer to have a miracle happen. Because if Cassie dies, it will be again a child which we in the Home to say goodbye and that his loyal viewers now really quite tired.

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