‘Green Book’ author apologizes for racist tweet

c8f9e9d80b42cff8b01d26cfe4dc82c6 - 'Green Book' author apologizes for racist tweet

Nick Vallelonga, the script writer of the award-winning film ‘Green Book’ has apologized for a tweet from 2015, which he Donald Trumps note shared that muslims were cheering when the planes on september 11, 2001 in the WTC towers edge.

It was fellow writer Jordan Horowitz (“La La Land”) that the tweet from under the dust took. “Nick Vallelonga wrote ‘Green Book’ and the movie gave him a Golden Globe award for his script. Nevertheless, this remains on his timeline of fame. Mahershala Ali is a muslim and a cream of a guy. This is so disgusting.”

Nick Vallelonga has now apologized for this statement offered. “I want to apologize. I fought my whole life to be a story of differences transcended on the big screen. I want me from the bottom of my heart apologise to everyone connected to the film.”

“In particular, I want to apologize to the brilliant Mahershala Ali, and all muslims, for the pain that I have berrokkend. I want to also apologize to my deceased father, who was a positive change through the friendship with Dr. Shirley. I promise that this lesson will not be forgotten.”

Nick Vallelonga’s father is the main character of the movie revolves around. He befriends the African-American Don Shirley, who is played by Mahershali Ali.

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