“Former Mexican president Nieto received a bribe of El Chapo’

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According to a witness on the trial against the Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed ‘El Chapo’, which has a mass of kickbacks paid to the previous president of Mexico, Enrique Peta Nieto. It would be possible to go to 100 million dollars (around 87 million euro), turned out Tuesday on the process in New York.

The Mexican president Nieto was at the end of november followed by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. At the opening session of the trial of El Chapo in the middle of november was Nieto once called by a lawyer, together with his predecessor, Felipe Calderon. They denied then that they were bribed by El Chapo’s cartel.

The new testimony about the bribe comes from Alex Cifuntes, a Colombian drug traffickers who worked with Guzman from 2007 until his arrest in 2013. Cifuntes has now cooperated with the American justice system.

Money from multiple cartels

On the process Tuesday in New York he confirmed that a bribe is paid to Nieto. His lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman asked whether the 100 million dollars went, but that amount could the witness not confirm. It explains, according to his lawyer already, why Guzman is not hiding lived.

The bribe would be at Nieto are handed over by one Comadre Maria, in October 2012, shortly before Nieto’s time as president, ” the lawyer said of Cifuntes. In addition, it is also the drug cartel Beltran Leyva – rivals of the Sinaloa cartel of El Chapo – a bribe to the president have paid to protect them.

El Chapo would be with the trade in cocaine and heroin estimated to be billions of have earned. He is also held responsible for about three thousand murders. The man is risking life in prison.

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