Famous pizzeria in Naples ‘closed due to the bomb’

c085d21e13b915481dfbfc767fd7bd74 - Famous pizzeria in Naples ‘closed due to the bomb’

In the Southern Italian city of Naples is an internationally well-known pizzeria and detonated a bomb. The small springtuig damaged the entrance of the restaurant Sorbillo in the historical center of the birthplace of the pizza.

Pizza baker Gino Sorbillo, who, with his pizzeria also has an office in New York, showed a photo of his Neapolitan establishment on Wednesday on Facebook. The closed door is a note: with a note on the door on which was written: ‘Chiusa per bomba’ – ‘Closed due to the bomb’.

The restaurant is also for tourists very popular. Sorbillo spoke of ‘an attack on the heritage of Naples’. The wounded were not.

The president of the Italian house of representatives, the Neapolitan Roberto Fico, referring to the mafia and testified Sorbillo in solidarity. “The settings are on the side of those who are not intimidated by the cowardly attacks of the Camorra’, tweette he.

The Camorra in Naples actively and also earn money with extortion. Cases that do not give money to the maffiaclans, are threatened. The news agency Ansa wrote that in less than a month eight springtuigen for different shops to blast were brought.

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