Family Planckaert back to the simplicity and warmth of 1970

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Life as in the seventies, with a stove in the living room that doubles as central heating and cooking island, a black-and-white tv and real Flemish cost to the board: a major break with the present is not for Eddy Planckaert and his family, who in the year 2019 still the simplicity of the past prefer. That also know televisiekijkend Flanders, who for 12 years was able to glimpse at the Planckaerts. How’s it going now with the warmest and most disarming televisiegezin of when? Greetings From fires Eddy, wife Christa, daughter Stephanie, granddaughter Illuna and grandson Devon back to 1970, the year in which the pater familias was 12 years old.
1970, the year that Eddy Merckx almost every race win in which he at the start, Belgium decided to introduce VAT, and everyone his hips los zwiert on Sexmachine James Brown. The family Planckaert, drive past meet in a Citroën DS, also popularly known as ‘the iron road’. In their ’70s-house make them feel right at home. “This is the style that we always love to see,” say Eddy and Christa. Meanwhile, watching the grandchildren their eyes out in the “museum” full of curiosities. A camera with antenna? Or would it still flash? And what are those crazy films? Or would that still not just ink for the photos? And what does gsm on the wall?

After a hilarious make-over in seventiesstijl is An Lemmens again for the door. The 12-year-old Eddy did in his free time, nothing else than cycling and that will be this weekend, so no different. He may even in his old wieleroutfit hoisting and forth and defy the elements. That he should be happy not only to do it, because An take the rest of the family in an authentic Mars-Flandria team car, from which Eddy by loud cheering is encouraged. To his surprise, he gets halfway, moreover, the strengthening of two friends: sons Francesco and Junior. With z’n threes they go into the final sprint. Can Eddy the youngsters still boss on the bike? the Evening is the feast, because the most popular Flemish singer of the 1970s and dinner is still a musical event with a surprise performance.

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