Facebook tightens rules on political ads in the run-up to European elections

Facebook is stricter impose rules around political advertising in countries where there in the first half of this year’s elections. That should be interference in the kiesstrijd in the European Union, India, Nigeria and Ukraine to counteract, the company informs.

Facebook wants in the run-up to some big elections to say continue to aim for external interference to be prevented and to provide further information on ads that users on the Facebookplatformen.

Concretely, the company will be the principles that are already in the USA, Great Britain and Brazil employs around transparency on political ads. The creators of ads will need to identify who they are, just as their location, before the advertising online. Facebook wants in the countries of the European Union also transparantietools for ads in the run-up to the European elections in may. Facebook promises by the end of June also uniform rules for all the clients of advertising worldwide.

The sharper lines now the company is under fire for some kiesschandalen, among others because of the privacyschandaal around based campaign agency Cambridge Analytica. Also for example, there is talk of Russian interference via Facebook for the benefit of Donald Trump in the presidential election in 2016.

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