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“F1’s sponsors were never so difficult”

12a923144f1839e0a6db64fe73df6b27 - "F1's sponsors were never so difficult"

According to McLaren CEO Zak Brown is the currently very challenging to find more sponsors to a Formula 1 team to support. Brown believes that the market never has been so difficult.

McLaren must since 2013 without titelsponsors. When lost McLaren Vodafone as a title sponsor and not coincidentally drive the McLaren since then without a major sponsor on her car. The results were the past few years not to go home to write.

Yet, that is according to Brown not only to the disappointing performance at McLaren but also to the changing environment as well as some serious challenges for the world economy.

“It is has never been difficult to attract sponsors,” says Zak Brown. “Companies are nervous in the long term, to invest because they are wondering what it means if anything should happen.” It ensures that the market of sponsorship. and slowing down to a stop seems to come.”

According to Brown, the many uncertainties with respect to the global economy, handelsoorlogen, as well as a lot of other ensure that multinationals are reasonably reluctant to use their budgets to attract.

Despite that challenging environment managed McLaren there last year still in to bring some new sponsors to attract.

“We were happy to last year, five new partners to attract and we will this month, two new partners to announce. We books also made good progress,” concluded Brown.

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