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Ethereum Constantinople, the Hard Fork is for the time being, cancelled – Coin Hero

Ethereum Constantinople, the Hard Fork is for the time being canceled

Home News Ethereum Constantinople, the Hard Fork is for the time being canceled

Marcus Misiak –

Yesterday, Tuesday, just hours before the activation of the Ethereum Constantinople Hard Forks is the Core developer of Ethereum, have announced a delay in the activation of Constantinople, only a few hours before the long-awaited Hard Fork should go live. The Fork should go in Block 708.000.000 in operation.

Christine Kim and Nikhilesh De from CoinDesk reported that chain security revealed on Tuesday that the Integration of the EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) would allow 1283 attackers to steal money from users. In an Interview with CoinDesk, Joanes Espanol, explained the flaw of the EIP 1283. Espanol, the CTO of amber data, found that the so-called “reentrancy attack” allows a malicious actor to enter a block chain function several times “back”, even if the “state of things” the user is not updated:

Imagine that I have a Smart Contract has a function that makes a call to another Contract… If I am a Hacker and am able to trigger a function, while the previous function was still running, I can withdraw money.

In a Statement, the Ethereum Core Developer and explained the Ethereum Security Community, therefore, that you have decided to move the Constantinople Hard Fork, after the security researchers have identified the potential vulnerability:

The Ethereum Core Developers and the Ethereum Security Community have been made to the potential problems associated with Constantinople’s attention, the chain security on 15. January 2019, were identified. We will investigate potential vulnerabilities, and will follow with Updates in this Blog Post and via Social Media channels.

Out of caution, the most important stakeholders in the Ethereum community have determined that the best course of action is the planned Constantinople Fork, the 16. January 2019 to have taken place at Block 7.080.000 to move.

Ethereum Full Node operators will need to upgrade to either an emergency version of the software or a Pre-Fork Version to downgrade in order to avoid a disconnection from the network.

Prior to the sudden news of the delay, the Ethereum Community was in a good mood about the upcoming activation of Constantionple. The Ethereum-price belonged in the last two weeks are Often the biggest winners. As the provisional cancellation for the Hard Fork was known, suffered from the ETH course, but a relatively strong drop of about 130 to US $ 120. A new Constantinople Hard Fork date has not been announced up to the time of writing.

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