Driving ban sought against rapper Rascal

2227b36cd28c09072afa96ae16308433 - Driving ban sought against rapper Rascal

For two gross speeding is in the Netherlands a conditional imprisonment and a driving ban of 2.5 years to be claimed against rapper Rascal. Moreover, it is the public prosecutor that the rapper in a total of 7000 euro deposit in a fund for road accident victims. The prosecutor believes that the rapper has been guilty of dangerous driving.

The police began an investigation into the steersman ship of the 25-year-old rapper as a result of a movie that he is in 2016 on internet. On the video, to see that he was on the highway in the direction of Tilburg almost 300 kilometers per hour. The movie was massively viewed on the internet.

In september 2016 the involved Audi RS6 seized and from the rittenregistratie took the police several speeding tickets in Tilburg. The prosecutor thinks there is enough proof that the rapper is also behind the wheel when the car is 165 kilometers per hour brought within the urban area of Tilburg. “This kind of speeds belong on a circuit. It is a miracle that no accidents have happened,” said the prosecutor.

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