DNA, Nys: Thibau chases his dreams after

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One treats the viewers from Wednesday on a new season of DNA, Nys and thus gives a unique insight into the life of the family Nys. This documentary series is more than just a story about sport, cyclo-cross or is the son of former world champion Sven Nys, but follows the sixteen-year-old Thibau Nys and his family.

The focus is on the development of Thibau as a rider and as a teenager, combined with the new role of Sven as a leader and father. This second series starts where the first ended: Thibau is just Belgian champion cyclo-cross in the novices. His dream is to follow in the footsteps of his father to act and pro to be, it seems increasingly a reality. The expectations are also high. But he will also perform well at a world championship? And lose other important things outside the cross, not from the eye?

On the way to the world cup

This new season follows Thibau on the foot to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Danish Bogense. Thibau is very ambitious and wants to perform on the bike. He dreams of to on February 2, the rainbow jersey to take home. Beside the sporty side, follows the series, also the small moments between Thibau and his parents. How do they deal with each other and how to encourage Sven to his son during the course? Thibau tells Sven: “I’ve already found that I have more races to win if you’re not at home. You hunt me always a hard on.”

Is a top sport and school can be combined for Thibau?

As a 16 year old teenager should Thibau also on a daily basis on the school sit. On schoolvlak he will be the better to do and this follow father Sven and mother Isabelle carefully. By the separation of Isabelle, and Sven is the family situation with the family, Nys changed greatly in recent years. How they go as a new compound family with the sporting ambitions of their son, and everything beyond?

Recognizable and special television

This recognizable documentary series is not only for sports enthusiasts. How is the to as a teenager to grow in a new compound family, in a world full of social media and with the press of the ‘son of’? Fathers, mothers, and teenagers will in the situations to be able to recognize where each family is faced with. It’s about a father that his son is trying to help to accomplish his dream and about a son who tries to pursue dreams. With DNA Nys brings One particular television, which at the same time, also in real life.

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