Director of English national park wants wolves shot may be

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All hoeraberichten around the arrival of the wolf are premature. That says Seger Emannuel, the director of the National Park ‘De Hoge Veluwe’ in Algemeen Dagblad. ‘The netherlands is too small for multiple bands.’

He is still not completely back, but for the director of The Hoge Veluwe, in the Netherlands the wolf even again disappear. “We are for wolves, but not in all places,” says Seger Emannuel. ‘There is in the Netherlands only take place for a handful of wolves.’

That the return of the wolf is generally welcomed in the country, as in Belgium, the case, according to the director to do with ‘lobby groups’ who do not know what they are talking about. “Nobody in the Netherlands has long-term wolves worked. I am also not an expert, but we are in Europe or at the table with wolvenexperts. And that paint a much more nuanced picture.’

Protected species

That the wolf is not just dispelled can be because it is a protected species, Emannuel annoying. In the interview that he Newspaper gave, he indicates that Europe has the animals best of the list of protected species deletes. So, the animals can be stunned – “but a wild wolf is not stun’ -, caught or shot,” he says. Emannuel refers to Scandinavia, where a ‘controlled management’.

In Norway were last year thirty wolves killed a record number. The ministry of Environment in Norway was, after all, that there is a maximum of 42 animals were shot, because there in 2017, more than one hundred copies were spotted. Such numbers are ‘bad’ for the sheep, she said. The predator has, however, still a protected status in Scandinavia, but the number of controlled hunt kept within reasonable limits.

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