Corbyn ‘the country from the Brexitcrisis pilots’, but he does not want to

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would not want to speak for a second referendum. Thus hampered, he a possible breakthrough of the Brexit-deadlock.

That the Brexit in a total deadlock is reached, in the first place the responsibility of the British prime minister, Theresa May. But opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will find debt. From the beginning …

That the Brexit in a total deadlock is reached, in the first place the responsibility of the British prime minister, Theresa May. But opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will find debt. At the start of the crisis, the socialist never color want to confess about the British withdrawal from the EU.

The radical left, Corbyn is not in favour of it, according to him, much to liberal policies of the EU, but he argued with the parking brake on the campaign for the Remain-camp. That vagueness served him well, because his party was split on the EU issue. In the departments in the impoverished north of England and in a part of the trade unions was the aversion to the EU is real. They had a lot of voters see defection to the eurosceptic Ukip of Nigel Farage. In the south of the country – including London – are the Labour voters then again always been pro-Europe. By vague to remain could Corbyn both wings peaceably.

But the downside was that his voters never turned against the Brexit vote. If he then with full force against the Brexit had turned, he was probably more voters mobilized to the polls and was the Brexit-dime maybe on the other side of the cases. That Corbyn voters can mobilize, he proved a year later when May’s early elections proclaimed. A unleashed Corbyn touched, and young people voted again, massively Labour.

Early elections

Also after the referendum disappeared in the blur. Labor stated right away that the will of the people respected, and that the Brexit had to continue. But what kind of Brexit wanted to Labour? The party explained initially proposals on the table that best be described as”have your cake and eat it’. So she wanted all the benefits of the customs union and the internal market, but they wanted a ‘fairer’ border and migration policy. Read: the free movement of workers had to be restricted. That would be at the European negotiating table never have withstood. Meanwhile, pleads the party to the United Kingdom already permanently in the customs union.

Within the party slid to the spirits now in the direction of a second referendum. Prominent mps like Yvette Cooper, Hilary Benn and Keir Starmer saw no good side to the trip. For the economic salvation of the country remains EU membership the best option. When the call for a second referendum to force the win even with the Remainers in the Conservative Party – got them to be fully behind that idea. But Jeremy Corbyn did not. He remains stubbornly betting on a fall of the government-May and early elections, which he hopes to win. Then he can own a new Brexit deal with Europe to negotiate.

But that plan does. In the first place, there is little chance that his vote of no confidence against the government. The Conservative Party and its gedoogpartner DUP may be deeply divided about the Brexit plan by May, they are united in their distaste for a Labour government with Corbyn as prime minister. Therefore, the motion tonight will probably be voted out of office. And there is still a problem: Europe is really not to wait to Corbyn a new deal to negotiate. The chance is real that the negotiations just as difficult as with May.

Stubborn Corbyn

More and more Labour members therefore hope that Corbyn finally agree to a second referendum. Meanwhile, three-quarters of the party members therefor won. If Corbyn is there unambiguous for decision, he will be a front can form the Remainers in the Conservative Party.

Chris Carter, that political strategy teaches at Edinburgh Business School, says: “If Corbyn is unambiguously speaks for a People’s Vote, he will also voters to appeal to those still skeptical of him. He can then grow into the leader that the country out of the Brexit-crisis guides. His great strength is its authenticity. As he now also used for a second referendum, he can Westminster really under intense pressure.”

But that he wants to yet. On the contrary, within the party threaten the voltages again, to walk, precisely because he is not a second referendum supports. In the interventions that he yesterday in the house of Commons did, came the word of the People’s Vote. He repeated again that ” membership of the EU at this time is not the main subject is’. “The majority of our voters see themselves not as a remainer or leaver. They are worried about the future.”

But according to Chuka Umunna, one of the prominent defenders of a second referendum within the party, the pressure will increase to still choose for a People’s Vote. Only she forgets that Corbyn is a very stubborn man.

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