Breakfast together with Griet op de Beeck and Stefan Hertmans

b65897340c6bbb3ab1f68a4ea8970c85 - Breakfast together with Griet op de Beeck and Stefan Hertmans

Who always wanted to have breakfast, brunch or cocktails with a literary Flanders, on Sunday, January 20, re-seize the chance. At about 170 places in Flanders and Brussels dozens of authors speak at a breakfast, aperitif or brunch during the ninth edition of the Toast, Literary. Organizer Davidsfonds hopes as a lot of people connecting around literature. Among others, Saskia De Coster, Bart Moeyaert, Griet op de Beeck, Kristien Hemmerechts and Lize Spit are already of the party.

On Sunday 20 January 2019 invite different Davidsfonds departments in each province of an author to a delicious breakfast or a sparkling aperitif. The ideal moment to, as a reader, to get in touch with the authors during the readings, literary walks, plays, or other literary events. In every province to enter well-known authors to the stage:
• In West-Vlaanderen sound among others, Saskia De Coster and Lara Taveirne on the new year. Saskia De Coster tells in Kortrijk more about her seven novels, including Eternal fame (2006) and What only we can hear (2015). In Bruges is a writer Lara Taveirne guest with a rich breakfast buffet and aperitif.
• East-Flanders with Griet op de Beeck and Oscar Van den Boogaard also big names on the floor. Griet op de Beeck discusses in Stekene three excerpts from her third book, Thou now (2017) and then the themes from all her books. In Kruishoutem is Oscar van den Boogaard by for an interview about his much-discussed book child soldier (2018), in which he writes that he is a son of the Dutch prince Bernhard.
• In Antwerp include Joke van Leeuwen, Stefan Hertmans, Kristien Hemmerechts, and Lize Spit a guest. In the Antwerp house of literature shows Joke van Leeuwen a literary nomination, and then the literary archives visit. In Vorselaar tells Stefan Hertmans on The convert (2016) and Kristien Hemmerechts has it in Ass a about the life and work of Herman de Coninck. And in onze-Lieve-vrouw-Waver is Lize Spit a guest, where she made her debut in The melt (2016) discusses.
• Flemish-Brabant invites for Toast Literary, among others, Bart Moeyaert and Toni Coppers. Bart Moeyaert says in Leuven on the family in which he grew up, his books and ideas. In Tienen is thrillerauteur Toni Coppers to guest.
• In Limburg take Mustafa Kör, Maarten Goethals and Max Temmerman part to Toast the Literary in Genk. The three poets find the right words to the relationships with their fathers to a point. And in Eksel, Jan Hautekiet as a guest. He shares that it is the best wisdom of our parents and grandparents from his book, Our mother always said (2017) that he, along with Veronique De Trier wrote.

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