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Blockchain in the case of Spanish electricity supplier in the Test Coin Hero

Blockchain in the case of Spanish electricity supplier in the Test

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Matthias Nemack –

Especially in the electricity sector, the Blockchain could allow for huge progress. A Spanish catering is now daring to make a Test.

Cryptographic systems are more than risky asset models

Innovation often arises in a special way when two or more modern technological approaches will be merged. The Spanish company Iberdrola trod a new path in the field of renewable energy and power generation in General. A new pilot project should explore the use of options may have the Blockchain for the industry. The model test could not again take an important evidence to the effect that the Blockchain is as the basis of currencies such as the Bitcoin a purely speculative Format that is suitable for risk-tolerant investors.

Iberdrola wants to create through the Blockchain more transparency

The energy and distribution companies want to test the Blockchain, in particular, in the case of supply of end customers with electricity, as Spanish media reports, early in the Morning. Indirectly, the pilot project is also from a German point of view of interest because as one of the largest Spanish electricity supplier, Iberdrola also operates in the country offices. Observers see the by now completed the test phase, especially in the area of the current settlement in “real time” as an opportunity. In addition, the Blockchain can create – as in the systems of Litecoin and other digital currencies, self – transparency. In this particular case, the Blockchain for customers could make comprehensible, what are the sources of the accessed electricity.

Electricity consumers could choose their electricity sources

Customers could in the future decide for itself what specific sources would you prefer. Smart Contracts in Ethereum users are familiar with. Part of the Iberdrola Tests of the GNO Partner Energy Web Foundation (EWF), which makes a special platform to the Open Source Format is accessible.

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