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Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy Binance with the Euro: possible From now on!

Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy Binance with the Euro: possible From now on!

Home News Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy Binance with the Euro: possible From now on!

Marcel Knobloch –

One of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world, Binance, had announced last year, trading pairs against the Euro and other currencies. Finally, Binance has announced a few hours ago, that from now on, there is a direct purchase of Bitcoin and Ethereum, with Euro is possible.

According to the company’s Binance is the crypto exchange in the world that can boast the largest number of registered users. The message that Binance offers a direct purchase of Bitcoin and Ethereum with the Euro, British pound and other currencies, has hit the Community like a bomb. The stock market will be under the address distance, and the same level of security as well as user interface to offer on how to Binance.

So far, the trading pairs of BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, BTC/GBP and ETH/EUR are available, with more to follow. The first 5,000 users that register and the Account Verification (KYC) perform, be rewarded with 20 EUR. It, with other retailers to follow couples in the near future. In the press release Binance that this step is the

Freedom and security from the threat of Brexit-could provide uncertainty, although the pound and the Euro react negatively to the latest developments.

So Binance is able to perform a previously ever-increasing demand for reliable Exchanges on which direct crypto-trade with the Euro can take place. The CEO of the stock exchange, Changphenz Zhao, also describes that he is confident for the current developments in the crypto market. A strong focus on the daily developments of the prices of all crypto-currencies is not purposeful, since all of the actors in the Ecosystem to develop further and this is not always in the current price trend reflected.

Binance was attacks in the past often the target of the alleged hackers, but it will never steal the values managed large amounts of digital assets. Binance is on the international stage as one of the first exchanges in the business.

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