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Binance destroyed 1.623.818 BNB in Coinburn successfully

6620141777291307654d32bd6ee977d9 - Binance destroyed 1.623.818 BNB in Coinburn successfully

Binance destroyed 1.623.818 BNB in Coinburn successfully

Home News Binance destroyed 1.623.818 BNB in Coinburn successfully

Marcel Knobloch –

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Binance, conducted for the sixth Time, a Coinburn. In Binance were burned Coins to a value of 9.4 million,$””. According to the company, everything is, as always, without any major problems or circumstances expired.

Binance be used on your own platform, a self in the circulation brought a digital Asset, the Binance Coin, the rose since its launch last year until today, in spite of the current bear market, strongly in the course. Binance has burn required once in a quarter, a part of the circulation of the NBB, so that the value of the digital currency remain constant over the long term and increases the profits of the stock exchange can be passed on to their loyal users. The youngest Coinburn corresponds to a period of time from the 01.10.2018 until the end of the year, the 31.12.2018.

In the last Coinburn 1.643.986 NBB were destroyed, this time there were 1.623.818. Because many of the courses in the crypto market crashed, so too is that of the Binance Coin, is the value of 9.4 million US dollars, Compared with 17 million in the previous period. In spite of the negative development, CEO, Changpheng Zhao, then, that the crypto market is developing more and a very focused view on the current rates is not useful (freely translated):

I hope that the market will be affected this year, to very negative, but you never know. I know that in the long run, the BUIDLer win. People who are constantly working hard to create day-to-day values, both on the bull markets and the bear markets, will eventually win. This is our focus, it is in the long term.

He also describes that there is a Binance never redundancies, to this day, and he’s looking forward to in the near future. To currencies other possibilities directly in Crypto invest in important new markets in Europe and Asia will open up and contribute to a global adaptation in the area of digital Assets. Especially the progressive development of Binance a decentralized stock exchange to DEX, he looks hopeful. Not because it will generate more profits for Binance, but because of the Binance Coin will get more attention and an important tool in trading on the stock exchange. In the long term, will benefit all the people who interact with the Binance Chain inter, Binance Coin Hodler.

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