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Belgian trucker Yves Rutten permanently from Dakar-rally set

35ed0515b6a42160149246725d6f1c3a - Belgian trucker Yves Rutten permanently from Dakar-rally set

Yves Rutten, Franco Christophe, and Peter Convents (Ford) are no longer started in the eighth stage of the Dakar. The organiser can put them off course because they are on the way to many waypoints missed. For the same reason, was the trio, after the end of the first stage is already set course. Yves Rutten made Sunday, however, grateful use of a new regulation that early opgevers gives the chance to after the rest day re-started.

“Sunday we have indeed too many waypoints missed,” says Yves Rutten from Pisco. “We are on Monday still had yet to start but Tuesday took the course director us still off track. On the basis of the rules and regulations.”

“We are now in the bivouac of Pisco, where the truck of Peter Van Delm. Wednesday we go with both trucks still have some testing in the dunes. This year was a very tough Dakar. Of the 41 launched trucks, there are still only 11 in the race. That says enough.”

“The teams that are still in the race, all have large budgets and heavy material. We have a lot of compliments from the organization and other teams. That is great. We can look back on a great test in the toughest Dakar in years.”

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