Bart Herman and Marcel De Groot in a unique duet

The label VLNL to do for the first time, where the letters stand for: it brings a Flemish and Dutch artists together. And the are 2 high-fliers: from Flanders comes our very own Bart Herman and from the Netherlands, Marcel de Groot, son of living legend Boudewijn. They came in contact with each other via Song City, the songschrijfweek that a music publisher Luc Standaert now for the fourth time organized. Bart also took already part in 2007, and was also last summer when he heard that Garland Jeffreys, who he met in 2007, again the party would be. There awaited him, however, yet another surprise: a day for writing, together with Marcel de Groot. It clicked immediately between the two men, and that same evening was the magnificent out-of-the-life-caught song ‘HAVE YOU?’ a fact.

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