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Antwerp Giants smell eighth finals Champions League after a spectacular victory with a superb last quarter

f8a9fd6ae2b49bade8baa13f21140fd8 - Antwerp Giants smell eighth finals Champions League after a spectacular victory with a superb last quarter

Telenet Giants Antwerp has a magnificent response to the blamage against Oostende erased. The Giants have won the Champions League with 85-72 of CEZ Nymburk, is positive compared to the Czech champion and smells with still three days on the counter in the 1/8th finals. As Dijon lose in AEK Athens, is a place in the ‘Last 16’ is already a fact. What a debut of the Inhabitants in the kampioenenbal.

For a good understanding of: the top of four of the pools are qualified for the 1/8th finals of the Champions League, including a premium of 20,000 euros. The numbers 5 and 6 are dredged up for the 1/8th finals of the FIBA Europe Cup. Who: 7th and 8th ends, is European game.

The humiliation suffered at Ostend led to a change in the basisvijf of coach Roel Moors. Vic Sanders and Yoeri Blades took the place of Jae’Sean Tate and Hans Vanwijn. Ismael Bako started strong again with the Giants, Tyler Kalinoski dropped bombs and was energetic, but the Giants were able to post 7-7 and 10-9 no distance. Jaromir Bohacik scored in the first quarter but fewer than 13 points and kept CEZ Nymburk in the footsteps of the Inhabitants: 17-17. A whim of Tate provided a maximum 25-20 Antwerp bonus, but in a spicy party with enthusiastic defense came the Czechs to re-connect. The Giants had after the first quarter however, a 29-27 lead bite.

Also the second slider brought an exciting event. Mike Myers (ex-Oostende) brought physical input in Nymburk and the Czech republic were also some dubious decisions. That made that Telenet Giants Antwerp against a strong afwerkend CEZ Nymburk, no distance could take: 34-31 and 44-41. The incoming American Glenn Cosey made in the last thirty seconds of the first half that the Czech champion halfway with a 44-47 to the dressing room pulled.

Strong last quarter

Jaromir Bohacik started strong again on the third slider, and 50-59 was the first gap of CEZ Nymburk is a fact. Despite some misunderstandings were the Giants at 57-59 the connection. Eugene Lawrence responded immediately to a 59-65 after three quartz.

In the slotschuifje took Vic Sanders and his team in tow. With five points in a row, he was the driving force behind the comeback of the Giants: 65-65. Myers scored vrijworpen, but after a 10-2 tussenspurt Telenet Giants Antwerp again the initiative in the hands. Bako and Tate with a major bomb were the funders of 76-69. After an unsportsmanlike error of Meyers and vrijworpen of Tyler Kalinoski went up to 80-69. Nymburk had no reaction, and Paris Lee led in the slotminuut the Giants in a swirling Lotto Arena and after a 26-7 tussenspurt in the last quarter to be an important 85-72 victory.

Telenet Giants Antwerp-CEZ Nymburk 85-72

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Lee 13, Donkor 5, Tate 13, Vanwijn 2, Sanders 14, Blades 3, Akyazili 0, Bako 15 , Dudzinski 5, Kalinoski 15

CEZ Nymburk: Cosey 8, Wright 4, Pumprla 3, Lawrence 12, Peterka 7, Bohacik 18, Davis 4, Myers 8, Kriz 2, Vyoral 2, Hruban 4

Quartz: 29-27, 15-20, 15-18, 26-7

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