15 dead by IS-bomb attack in the Northern Syrian town of

In a bomb attack in the Syrian town of Manbij, there are at least fifteen deaths. Terrorist organisation IS claiming responsibility for the attack.

In the explosion are at least nine civilians and five members of an Arab-Kurdish militia to life come. It reports the Syrian Observatory for human Rights (SOHR) Wednesday. IS demanded through his propagandakanaal Amaq the attack and spoke of a suicide attack.

There is currently no confirmation whether there are any victims among the soldiers of the US-led international coalition. The city of Manbij in Northern Syria by the Kurdish militia YPG controlled. Based in Syria, the coalition in the fight against the Islamic State. The U.S. has in the region of own troops.

Turkey had in december with an attack on the Kurdish areas in Northern Syria, threatened. The government in Ankara sees the YPG as a terrorist organisation, and turn the army against them.

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