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Well-known Serbian singer says that Anderlecht player her with the death threatened

b030ef1e0feb36eedcb268e4a5dfed06 - Well-known Serbian singer says that Anderlecht player her with the death threatened

Bosnia is in turmoil, and the reason is (yet again) Anderlecht-player Ognjen Vranjes. Jelena Karleuša (40), a well-known Serbian singer, claimed on her official Facebook page that the defender her with the death threatened.

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The 40-year-old Karleuša is already more than twenty years at the top of the Serbian world of showbiz. Since the mid-90’s she is a famous singer and tv personality. Its capacity is estimated at about eighty million dollars. Great was the surprise when the Serbian Monday evening a number of messages distributed on its official Facebook page, which has almost a million followers counts. It is hard to be settled with Anderlecht-defender Ognjen Vranjes, who they disparagingly as a “small worm”.

The Serbian says that Vranjes her family tried to destroy her with the death threatened. To punish her because they not went in to his advances. As evidence, posted the singer a sip looking selfie of Vranjes and a picture of a penis, who is the Anderlecht player would have her sent to you. Also there was a screenshot of the messages she received from a Belgian number. “I’m drunk”, and “If I die tonight, know that I am your best drug was,” there is more to read.

Both Anderlecht as the player have not yet responded to the allegations. The Bosnian defender was in the past few months a few times already in the eye of the storm. At the end of november he glorified supportersgeweld on his Instagram account, a few days later came to light that the man walking around with a politically very loaded tattoo.

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