Tom Cruise still makes two “Mission: Impossibles”movies

d590e3fe6507a00e6066dd0589675388 - Tom Cruise still makes two "Mission: Impossibles"movies

The American actor Tom Cruise is not done with Ethan Hunt. The actor announced yesterday that he has signed for two “Mission: Impossible”films, the seventh and the eighth in the series.

Director Christopher McQuarrie announced the news already, just before Cruise’s communication on Twitter did. The director of the last MI movies, “Rogue Nation” and “Fallout”, tweeted: “Mission: Accepted”. According to Variety, he will in the next two films, also directing and writing.

The yet-untitled movies coming out in 2021 and 2022, a year after the 56-year-old Cruise returns to his “Top Gun”-roots with a sequel to the “Maverick”.

The very first “Mission: Impossible” came out in 1996. The six films that until now have been created, some 3.5 billion dollars will be delivered. The last film, which last summer came out, wore the most: “Fallout” brought a small $ 800 million in the coffers.

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