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Tidal suspected of false streamingcijfers

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The Norwegian government will open an investigation to determine whether Tidal regime with streamingcijfers.

Last year, I went into allegations that the number of streams of the Beyoncé album, Lemonade and Life of Pablo Kanye West would be aware of bogus. Important detail: the owner of Tidal, Jay Z, husband of Beyoncé.

The case went in may last year to the reels. Life or Pablo would officially 250 million a time are streamed in the first ten days of its release in February 2016. Unlikely, was a Norwegian newspaper, as Tidal himself, but 3 million subscribers. And that number of 3 million would also heavily exaggerated – a British research company, estimated that Tidal worldwide, but 1 million subscribers.

Now get accusations so an official tail. Hundreds of millions of fictitious streams of the two succesalbums would mean that much to high royalties were paid to Beyoncé and West, at the expense of the other musicians on Tidal. Tidal received six weeks of exclusivity to Life of Pablo stream, and also Lemonade was nowhere else to stream.

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