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The first European issue of shares by means of STO by edeXa – Coin Hero

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The first European issue of shares by means of STO by edeXa

Home News First European issue of shares by means of STO by edeXa

Matthias Nemack –

The company edeXa from Liechtenstein now for the first time in Europe, shares on stock exchanges a Security Token Offering.

IPO on the Blockchain-base – now comes the Boom?

Although it is the first “crypto IPO” is not an Initial Coin Offering as at the time when Ethereum or Litecoin, but a Security Token Offering. Nevertheless, the message of the company edeXa for the whole of the European stock exchange landscape, and not least for the Blockchain sector. The Start-up of Liechtenstein is the first company in Europe that a STO has been completed. In the case of the issuance of its securities, the company renounced in its entirety on the involvement of a classical or digital stock market in the true sense of the word.

Legal Trick in the spending limit on the edeXa platform

The issuance of the shares of the company amounts to 150,000 Swiss francs. One-third of the total volume has secured io-market, the direct edeXa companies mother. The rest of the volume, with a total value of the initial 100,000 Swiss francs distributed to the press, to 100 million of the edeXa Security Token. Clever, the upper limit for the output of the Token in the first emission phase, the corporate website was selected. The total value of this Tranche is deliberately capped to the equivalent of five million euros, so that the rules according to the prospectus law for the securities sector work for the time being.

Stock companies and shareholders could benefit

The use of the Blockchain for transactions in shares might be companies, in the opinion of many observers, is quite a low-cost Alternative for shares that could avoid the high cost of the traditional Ausgabewegs on trading platforms and exchanges. Also for shareholders STOs bring opportunities and benefits. In terms of security, investors must not be a concern. Because the STO is required in advance after approval by the competent financial supervision.

In Germany, the legal framework is still missing

In this country, although there is as yet no direct announcements. Some scientists may imagine, however, that this approach could also lead in Germany from all over the medium term to replace the normal stock exchanges. But there is still a legal sticking points, the result just on the subject of regulation. So there is round-the-Blockchain is also a world away from Bitcoin and other digital currencies, which can be for companies and investors of interest to you.

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