Saudi teenager: ‘I hope that my story other women encouraging them to be free’

ef881cb827e9c014420a4b90b9ff70d2 - Saudi teenager: ‘I hope that my story other women encouraging them to be free’

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun hopes that other Saudi women will inspire you to ‘be brave and free’. That she says in her first interview since she was granted asylum in Canada.

“I was already six months locked up because I my hair was cut. The life of women in Saudi Arabia is that of slaves.’ The boy woman tells in Canadian media that they wanted to escape the violence of her family.

The 18-year-old woman fled her family during a trip to Kuwait. Via Thailand she hoped Australia to achieve, but in Bangkok, she was stopped. The Thai authorities wanted her to return to Saudi Arabia. They barricadeerde herself in her hotel room at the airport and sent via social media is a wanhoopskreet the world.

“My biggest fear was that if they I could find, I would disappear”, it sounds. They expected that the authorities in the room would invade and her father. She was even to commit suicide. “Therefore, I wrote a farewell letter. I had decided that I would commit suicide if I was forced to return.’

“It was worth the risk, I had nothing to lose,” she says to the Toronto Star.

“I wanted to be free of oppression and depression,” she said to ABC. “I wanted to be independent. I would never have been able to marry the person that I chose. I could not job without permission.’

The woman is expected that more and more women from Saudi Arabia will flee. “I hope that my story other women encouraging them to be brave and to be free. I hope my story leads to a change of the laws.’


Since her arrival in Canada last weekend, got Rafah already a message from her family stating that she disinherit and cast out. Her father is a Saudi governor. The family describes her as ‘unstable’.

The teenager wants to be her family name al-Qunun, and only Rahaf Mohammed called. The wife is planning to learn English and seeking work. “I have a feeling that I have been reborn am, especially now I love to feel. Tell the Canadians that I love.’

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