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Red Lions suspected of gambling on own matches

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When the gaming commission checked to see who gambled on the matches of the national hockeyelftal, and dived it at least three people who are themselves on the field stood. Gambling on your own matches should not.the successful Hockey world cup last month in India, some members of the Belgian selection of possible illegal bets placed. According to French newspapers have three players from the newly crowned world champion in the visor of the researchers. The news is on the editorial board of The Standard is confirmed.

The historic victory of the Red Lions at the world cup of hockey, last month in India, a bitter off-flavor. The gambling commission has strong evidence that players of the national hockeyelftal would have gambled on their games during that world cup. The French-language newspaper La Dernière Heure brought that news.

Influencing of competitions to avoid, it is prohibited to as a player to have bet on matches where you have to participate in. Due to the increasing popularity of the sport, especially by the successes of the Red Lions, also took to the number gokinzetten on matches. That brought the gambling commission to the list of gamblers and to compare it with the list of persons for whom it is not allowed on hockeywedstrijden to gambling – among whom so players that participated.

It would be found that three Red Lions have money wagered on matches in which they played. According to our information, is not unique cases, but there would be a pattern and not only matches during the world cup. The players would have gambled via the licensed web sites, which the gambling commission allowed to control the bets. These amounts would not be high and there is still under investigation, or they gambled on profit or loss.
The research, which is still at an early stage, is in the hands of the (police)officers that are connected to the gaming commission. They are still busy with the installation of their pv, there is still no public prosecutor turned on. There is now, especially to determine how many Red Lions would have gambled, and how many matches.

Tariff sheets

“We have a few days ago of the gambling commission, a question arrived for various tariff sheets (which is who played, ed.)’, says Denis Van Damme, the spokesman of the Royal Belgian hockey federation (KBHB). ‘She was our absolutely not clear why they wanted to. It’s about the matches from 2015, ‘17 and ‘18, of different leagues: the last world cup, the Euro Hockey League and the Belgian national league. We tariff sheets course forward.’

“When we Tuesday heard that a study was started by the gambling commission, we have all the players via a WhatsAppgroep immediately addressed with the explicit question of whether one of them had the money wagered on a world cup match. All players have negative replied.’

The KBHB has also players will be contacted to ask someone or other competitions than the world cup gamble. ‘They may, if necessary, under four eyes let you know if they have done, ” says Van Damme. ‘We will prepare for the worst, but expect that this is not necessary.’

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