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Max Keiser: Bitcoin is the currency of the global Revolution – Coin Hero

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Max Keiser: Bitcoin is the currency of the global Revolution

Home News Max Keiser: Bitcoin is the currency of the global Revolution

Marcus Misiak –

Max Keiser is known to be a Bitcoin bull. In a recent Episode of the Keiser report on RT, he explained, is that Bitcoin is part of a peaceful Revolution against the centralized banking system. In this respect, he also stated that he was surprised by a monetary penalty in the amount of $ 575 million by the U.S. government against Wells Fargo for Bank and credit fraud, because the business model of Wells Fargo is based on fraud.

Keiser explained that the entire US economy is based on fraud and the big banks have a large share of it:

Fraud passes the American economy. Without fraud there would be no GDP [gross domestic product]. […] You keep 90 cents of every Dollar you steal. This is your [big banks] model. Their revenues are based. If you were to take the fraud out of the business model of Wells Fargo, you would lose an unimaginable amount of money, and you would have to actually sign up for many, many decades the bankruptcy.

A guilty Keiser looks but also in the Central banks that lowered the benchmark interest rate over 37 years. He also says that Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology that could weaken the centralized, financial powers of banks and a accessory government.

So if you have a Wells Fargo, and you will have to pay this heavy fine, to cover up the fraud, the money will be taken, with which you can pay this monetary penalty, by the Central Bank. You borrow it from the Central Bank at an interest rate of almost Zero percent, and then they restructure their balance sheet. You to structure your own pension portfolio and extend the maturity. Extend and pretend.

According to Keiser, the movement of Yellow Vests in France, which he calls the first global revolt against the “banker occupation” is an example of this. The movement, he hopes it will spread to other countries, began as a Protest against the increase in the fuel tax, and has expanded to a broader rejection of the economic policies of the government. Bitcoin can be, in my opinion, the currency of the resistance.

Keiser guest Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer and entrepreneur, agreed with Keiser that BTC can enable a “peaceful Revolution”:

Really, what you should do, is to win back the Power for yourself and to decentralise the Power. And it starts with Bitcoin. […] I think this is a much more peaceful Revolution that is Bitcoin.

Keiser and Song are not the only crypto-followers who believe in a “Bitcoin Revolution”. ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees recently said that he considers the government a “fraud”, before he added that crypto-currencies are a perfect Alternative. Tim Draper joined this assessment and Ran nine of CNBC Africa, said that there will eventually be no longer, if BTC transformed the world economy beyond the human imagination, “necessary, re-Fiat-to-use currency”.

The entire episode of the Keiser report, there are the following:

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