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Massive losses in the case of a hacker attack on Cryptopia

Massive losses in the case of a hacker attack on Cryptopia

The new Zealand crypto-Exchange Cryptopia gave up
Twitter announced that they hacked the 14.01.2019 due to a security vulnerability
. As this vulnerability was noticed, was the Exchange
to go offline immediately taken to the extent of the Hacks as low as possible
keep and begin the work of enlightenment.

The Tweet of Cryptopia:

The first Hack 2019

The exact amount of the losses has not been quantified, but it is said in the Tweet that the Exchange have sustained as a result of the Hack is “significant losses“. After Cryptopias C-Suite and the other leaders were informed from the trade to clarify. This Hack is the first in the year 2019.

The Process

It is quite possible that Cryptopia know currently yet how many Assets are gone. However, 19391 Ethereum in the value of 2.5 million dollars from the Cryptopia Wallet were sent to a different anonymous Wallet, which is connected with the Hack. The Statement of Cryptopia had confused some customers and upset, because it was pretty spongy and legal information lot. Many hope or assume that Cryptopia kept the crypto-Assets of your customers in Cold-Storages, this could not be confirmed.

Recently claimed AurumCoin (AU) to be the victim of a 51% attack. Aurum describes itself as “the first, with Gold deposited the Open-Source crypto-currency“. Supposedly 15762,26 AU on Cryptopia lost in the 51% attack. Aurum accused the Exchange to be responsible for this but it rejected any allegations and not relied on the published on the website Disclaimer that you have to be responsible because it is an Open-Source currency.

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