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Scorsese takes you with his passieproject to the Japan of the seventeenth century. A religious epic, and not a plezierreisje, but definitely worth it!

Silence came in 2017 in the halls, but director Martin Scorsese was already in the years around with the idea for the film. Since he was in 1989, the book by Shusako Endo from the ‘ 60 las, he dreamed of it the story to the white cloth. It was his passieproject, and his twenty-fourth feature film.

A cheerful movie it is not. Silence starts hard and terrible, with a martelscène. It’s 1633 and Japan waging war against the prohibited declared christianity. Thousands of believers are brutally tortured and murdered. The Portuguese priest Ferreira is in the opening scene witnesses the murder of a number of clergy, and writes the story. Then nothing more of the man heard.

Seven years later, pulling two young priests to the mysterious Japan to the man, their mentor, to begin the search. The poignant, sometimes nerve-racking (spiritual) journey that they make, turns out to be a true test for their endurance and beliefs.
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The two young priests to be played by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver. Liam Neeson plays their missing mentor, father Ferreira.

Silence is a historical, religious, epic and atmospheric film, that rightly was nominated for an Oscar in the category ‘best photography’. A must-see for Scorsese fans and fans of historical dramas.
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