Kidnapper saw 13-year-old victim on school bus

8469927b2a9f53ee25d9979983ce21d2 - Kidnapper saw 13-year-old victim on school bus

The man who, in Wisconsin, a 13-year-old girl kidnapped and for many months had held his victim happened to be against.

The 21-year-old Jake Patterson has known that he is the parents of the girl Jayme Closs has been shot and her kidnapped.

First, he shot the father through the front door to death while the mother and the teen in the bath hid. After the mother had forced her daughter to silence with duct-tape, he shot her dead also. The girl dragged it to the trunk of his car.

The discovery of the bodies in October – a few minutes after the abduction led to a huge search for the missing teenager. After 88 days in captivity, she could her kidnapper to flee. A moment later, the man was nabbed.

Patterson has to be the police said that he had his target selected when he her happen to her home on the school bus had seen steps. When he was on his way to work in a cheese factory. He bought a skimasker, his head shaved to no hair behind and replaced his license plates with stolen ones.

He made two attempts to kidnap her parental home in Barron. But looked from. The third time, he succeeded in his intent.

During her captivity, kept Patterson of the victim, often for hours under his bed while he went out or when he visit had. Eventually she could still escape after Patterson had said that he was several hours away.

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