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Keisse and De Buyst is no longer in the lead in the six days of Bremen

50d3b774f824be73240ad81a77847df6 - Keisse and De Buyst is no longer in the lead in the six days of Bremen

Iljo Keisse and Jasper De Buyst have the lead kwijtgespeeld after the end of the fifth day in the six days of Bremen. The Belgian tandem follows in the same round on thirteen points of the Italian-Swiss duo Simone Consonni/Tristan Marguet.

Consonni and Marguet count 238 points, Keisse and De Buyst 225. Three duo’s follow-on-one round, that are Marc Hester/Theo Reinhardt (203 pts), Achim Burkart/Andreas Graf (185 pts) and Christian Grasmann/Jesper Morkov (128 pts).

Moreno De Pauw and the Dutchman Wim Stroetinga are in the sixth place in four rounds, they sprokkelden 150 points. Jules Hesters and the Dutchman Melvin van Zijl, who is 108 points gathered, are seventh on 10 laps. Bryan Boussaer and the German Sebastian Schmiedel (77 pts) are diminished to the eleventh place, on 28 laps.

Tuesday night ends with the six days of Bremen. Iljo Keisse triumphed in 2008 in the Northern German city, on the side of the German Robert Bartko. That he did in 2017 once again with the German Marcel Kalz. Last year, the title to the German, Theo Reinhardt and Kenny De Ketele, who after his fall in Rotterdam, the bundle had to give it up for this edition. De Ketele was in 2016 also the best in Bremen.

– Stand after fifth day –

1. Simone Consonni/Tristan Marguet (Ita/Sui) 238 points

2. Iljo Keisse/Jasper De Buyst (BEL) 225

– 1 round –

3. Marc Hester/Theo Reinhardt (Den/Ger) 203

4. Achim Burkart/Andreas Graf (Ger/Aus) 185

5. Christian Grasmann/Jesper Morkov (Ger/Den) 128

– 4 laps –

6. Wim Stroetinga/Moreno De Pauw (Ned/BEL) 150

– 10 rounds –

7. Melvin van Zijl/Jules Hesters (Ned/BEL) 108

– 18 laps –

8. Henning Bommel/Matias Malmberg (Ger/Den) 146

– 28 laps –

9. Oliver Wulff Frederiksen/Maximilian Beyer (Den/Ger) 135

10. Joshua Harrison/Moritz Augenstein (Aus/Ger) 82

++ 11. Bryan Boussaer/Sebastian Schmiedel (BEL/Ger) 77

– 29 laps –

12. Lucas Liss/Hans Pirius (Ger) 33

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