Karen Damen on stalkers: “Sometimes they try through my son. Bah!”

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Soon the play ‘the Assissen 2’ premiere. In the lead: singer and actress Karen Damen. In Day All she talks about her witty character in the play, but also about the dark sides of fame.

This month the interactive theatre performance ‘Assissen 2: The gifmoord’. It is a well-known soap actress murdered with arsenic. One of the witnesses is Linda Goossens (played by Karen Damen; ed.), a cafémadam that flat Antwaarps talk.

“A marginal version of myself. When director Frank Van Laecke called me, he said immediately: “Karen, you’re going to do it anyway, hey, because I have Linda specially with you to eyes. When I could no longer deny. It caresses my ego. But that is not to say that I pretend to have to a consummate actress. But I took acting very much like to, that is really a passion,” she says in All.

The 44-year-old former K3 singer is now no longer the way to save them from the media. But that notoriety brings, and also sometimes dark edges. The Antwerp ‘Dancing with the Stars’contestants had to deal with stalkers. “I have someone who is always there. That is with any show or performance on the first row. In Q3, we had so few. And there are still a few diehardfans me anywhere follow”, sounds the.

And that is sometimes very far to be as close as possible to their idol to get. “Sometimes they try through the children, I always think that’s a bit sneaky. Then the wrists they at Sky (8) or he really the Sky is, the son of Karen Damen. Then you will see how a adult to try a very conversation to start, shudder.

Sky loves vloggen and already has nearly 10,000 followers. To play games, he does often in his free time. And then he enjoys the attention he gets by his famous mom. “Then I hear he suddenly ask: ‘do you Know who my mama is?’ And then follows: “Yes, really, Karen Damen!’ And to prove that he is not lying, I must then to the camera, waving. I am just in the garden in my bikini with a glass of wine”, she laughs.

The theatre play ‘Assissen 2: The gifmoord’ is from 17 January to watch it in Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp.

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