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Jan Vertonghen is relieved after comeback: “Hopefully blessurezorgen now behind the back”

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Jan Vertonghen made last Sunday against Manchester United in his comeback for Tottenham after a month already in the barn to have it located with a dijblessure. Earlier this season he was also already a month and a half on the side with a hamstring injury. “I finally feel again a footballer”, had the Red Devil on the site of Tottenham again. Vertonghen missed this season all eighteen duels for Tottenham due to injuries.

“I hope that the blessurezorgen now behind us,” crossed the Belgian record international of shore. “I want to redo my form from last season to find (when he is by the supporters Player of the Year was elected, eds.). Physically I felt Sunday, one hundred percent. And I’m very happy. I finally feel a footballer. My two injuries were just bad luck. I am now ready once again in order to help the team.”

The result against Man Utd on Sunday (0-1 defeat) was disappointing, but Vertonghen is confident that the Spurs will hit back. “We fight on four fronts,” said the defender. “I see a positive future. The defeat against United has our confidence has not been affected. We put our focus as a team on the quality of our game and that was there Sunday. The result was not good, but we are already looking forward to the move from Sunday to Fulham.”

Tottenham is after 22 days on the third place in the Premier League, with a gap of nine points on leader Liverpool. In the Champions League survived the Spurs in the group stage and wait in the eighth finals a showdown with Borussia Dortmund. In the FA Cup to take them in the sixteenth-finals Crystal Palace, while in the League Cup in the semi-finals Chelsea the opponent is. Tottenham won the heenduel in the semi-final battle with 1-0.

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